Spring Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensor

One small spring for a sensor.
One giant leap for sensor longevity.

Eliminate premature sensor failures

The Challenge:


Standard exhaust gas sensors in 7F and 9F class turbines are at risk of premature failure.

As temperatures rise, the radiation shield and sensor sheath expand at different rates. A gap forms between the seat in the radiation shield and the stop on the sensor, causing the sensor to vibrate due to gas flow velocities and input vibrations from the turbine.

The tip of the sensor then breaks, causing the sensor to fail and the gas turbine to trip.


The Solution:


Conax Technologies’ Spring Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors are built to withstand vibrations caused by gas flows, input vibrations and thermal expansion mismatch from 7F and 9F turbines.

Available exclusively from Conax, these patented sensors have a high temperature compression spring that is inserted between two spacer tubes. The spring dampens the vibration and keeps the temperature sensor tip seated within the radiation shield to avoid premature sensor failure.

With this increased stability, the sensor tips won’t break. So turbines run longer without the risk of premature sensor failure.




  • Interchangeable with OEM parts
  • Tested to OEM specifications
  • Significantly increases sensor life
  • Proven to provide thousands of hours of field operation without failures

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