Stay ahead of higher demand this year

The 2021 fall outage season is forecast to be a busy one, so it’s more important than ever to order early this year.

We offer a complete portfolio of world-class products for power generation, including OEM parts plus innovative custom solutions that deliver increased lifespan and improved performance over standard versions.

For over 70 years, Conax has designed and manufactured compression seal fittings, temperature sensors, and cable and harness assemblies for a broad range of applications across the Power Generation industry. Our innovative designs help reduce costs to OEM and lower maintenance times for end users.

Conax Technologies’ comprehensive solutions have been applied to:

  • Heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs)
  • Internal combustion engines and turbochargers
  • Steam and wind turbines
  • Waste energy cogeneration
  • Hydroelectric, nuclear and solar power
  • Fuel cells

The upcoming outage season is forecast to be a busy one. Order now.

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