Here’s how Conax is getting ready for higher anticipated demand

The 2022 spring outage season is projected to be a busy one, so Conax Technologies is ramping up production and building our inventory to meet your needs. But it’s still important to order early to avoid rush orders and possible delays.

Click here for more details on Conax solutions for Power Gen, including:

  • Competitively-priced exhaust gas sensors for LM Series engines
  • Customized exhaust gas sensors for FT8 aeroderivative ground-based turbines
  • Competitively-priced cable and harness assemblies customized for any application
  • Our patented Spring Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors that eliminate premature sensor failures in 7F and 9F turbines
  • OEM replacement thermocouples with enhanced design features
  • Air inlet thermocouples
  • Wheelspace, disc cavity and compressor discharge thermocouples
  • Bearing sensors and seals

Conax Technologies is committed to the highest standards of quality and is AS9100D certified for quality assurance.

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