Upgrade for GE Turbines to be Featured at Trade Show

This year’s Frame 6 Users Conference takes us to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida June 12.

At the show, we’ll be demonstrating our kit that replaces exhaust gas thermocouple sensors in older GE frame turbines. This kit lets operators replace sensors without having to replace the entire thermocouple. The solution provides a longer lasting sensor—meaning less maintenance time.

Cable assemblies are custom manufactured to the desired length and remain fixed in the turbine hot box, only the sensor needs to be removed. Cable assemblies are made from 18 AWG stranded conductors with PFA insulation and are jacketed with stainless steel over braid.

To learn more about this year’s show, visit http://frame-6-users-group.org. We’ll be at booth #34. We hope to see you there.


Engineering standard and custom solutions for aerospace

Conax is a trusted partner in the aerospace industry

We’ve been proudly providing high-performance, high-quality temperature sensors to our partners in the aerospace industry for over 55 years. Our explosive activated valves went along for the ride during the first space launch of Project Mercury in 1962. Conax parts were also used in the US Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon. Today, Conax thermocouples and harness assemblies can be found in several large-scale aerospace projects. Watch the video to see where we’ve been, and where Conax can take you.

For more information about our aerospace capabilities, click here.

Exhibiting at KOFAS in Changwon, Korea

Presenting the International Factory Automation System Show

Our team will be in Korea from May 15th through the 18th at the International Factory Automation System Show in Changwon. This event brings together the technology industry, where experts come to exchange ideas and form business partnerships to further innovation.

We’re sharing a booth with Wontech, a global leader in the field of medical aesthetic lasers and energy-based aesthetic equipment market. Visit us to learn more about our standard and custom-designed compression seal fittings and temperature sensors.

For more information on the show, visit kofas.org.

Find us at booth F12.

Semiconductor Sales Topped $400 Billion in 2017

Global Demand for Semiconductors is Growing

Semiconductors are in electronic devices we use every day, from cell phones to computers, and the global demand for semiconductors has never been higher. Last year’s semiconductor sales increased by 21.6% compared with 2016. Sales topped $400 billion in 2017, a first for the industry.

Most notably, the memory sector saw the largest increase in sales in 2017. It’s also the fastest growing—sales increased 61.5% for the year.

Globally, semiconductor sales saw an increase:

  • Americas – 35%
  • China – 22.2%
  • Europe – 17.1%
  • Asia Pacific/Other – 16.4%
  • Japan – 13.3%

For more information, check out Solid State Technology.


Conax to visit Atlanta for the 7F Users Group Annual Conference

The GE Frame 7F Users Group Conference takes place May 7-11

This year’s conference takes us to Atlanta, GA where professionals will share innovations and new ideas for the power generation industry.

Exhibiting our patented spring loaded exhaust gas sensor

Our spring loaded exhaust gas sensor is designed to prolong standard gas sensor life in 7F and 9F gas turbines.

Standard exhaust gas sensors in 7F and 9F gas turbines are at risk for premature failure. As temperatures rise, the radiation shield and sensor sheath expand at different rates, forming a gap between the seat in the radiation shield and the stop on the sensor. The sensor vibrates and the tip eventually breaks, causing the sensor to fail and the gas turbine to trip.

The spring loaded gas exhaust sensor is a high temperature compression spring that is inserted between two spacer tubes. The spring minimizes vibration, which means the sensor is less likely to fail and break. This solution has proven to increase sensor life.

If you’re attending the conference, visit us at booth 64.

For more information on the conference, visit their website.

Conax receives European patent

Spring-Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors Reduce Premature Failure in Standard Exhaust Gas Sensors

Conax has developed the solution

Conax Technologies has received a European patent for Spring-Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors. Our patented sensors provide the solution to standard exhaust gas sensors in 7F and 9F class turbines that fail prematurely due to vibrations caused by gas flows.

Already patented in the US, Conax Spring-Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors have a high temperature compression spring that is inserted between two spacer tubes to dampen vibrations and keep the temperature sensor tip seated within the radiation shield.

Available exclusively from Conax

Conax’s Spring-Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors are interchangeable with OEM parts and tested to OEM specifications.

When used in 7F and 9F class turbines, these sensors have proven to significantly increase sensor life and provide thousands of hours of field operation without failures. In addition, these exclusive Conax sensors:

  • Are interchangeable with OEM parts
  • Have been tested to OEM specifications
  • Significantly increase sensor life

View our demonstration video to find out more. If you have questions, email Rick.Lyon@ConaxTechnologies.com.

Showcasing our SPAs and analyzers at the ISA Analysis Division Symposium

Visit us April 22-April 26

This year’s ISA Analysis Division symposium brings us to the Galveston Island Convention Center in Galveston, Texas. Professionals will come together to discuss innovative analytical techniques, developments and applications. Our display will include sample probe assemblies (SPAs) that are used in sample systems and analyzers for refineries, chemical plants and other industries where process analyzers are employed.

For more information on this year’s show, visit http://www.adsymposium.org/symposium

Stop by and see us. We’ll be at booth #209.

Conax to attend the 43rd annual Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum Spring Conference & Trade Show

Visit Conax at Booth #40 at the CTOTF Trade Show

April 8 – 12, 2018
Hyatt Regency Greenville
Greenville, South Carolina

Conax is pleased to attend the CTOTF Trade Show to highlight the vast array of temperature sensors and compression seal fittings we design and manufacture for the Power Generation industry. Conax sensors and fittings are used across a broad range of applications in the industry, including:

• Bearing temperatures
• Air inlet temperatures
• Compression discharge temperatures
• Exhaust gas temperatures
• Balance of plant applications, such as skids and oil sumps and ancillary equipment

For more than 60 years, industry leaders have trusted Conax to provide long-lasting reliable solutions that help lower costs and reduce installation and maintenance time. Our comprehensive solutions have been applied to fuel cells, heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), internal combustion engines and turbochargers, steam and wind turbines, waste energy cogeneration, and hydroelectric, nuclear and solar power.

If you’re at the show, be sure to stop by Booth #40 to learn how we can provide the right solution for your specific needs. For more information about the show, visit http://www.ctotf.org/Conference/2018/Spring/Spring2018Conference.html.



Industrial Heating’s Economic Indicators at Highest Levels In A Year

For 15 months in a row, Industrial Heating’s monthly economic indicators have been over 50. All four index numbers were over 56, the highest levels since March 2017.

February 2018 Index Numbers:

  • Change in number of request for quotes from Dec. to Jan.: +60.5
  • Change in number of orders from Dec. to Jan.: +56.2
  • Change in backlog from Dec. to Jan.: +57.2
  • Expected change in the health of the industry through Feb.: +60.5

What do the numbers mean?

Index numbers reflect the changes that occur when experienced companies compare their January 2018 business levels to their December 2017 levels. A number over 50 means increased activity or growth. Conversely, a number below 50 means less activity or growth.

As a supplier of vacuum and pressure seal fittings and feedthroughs, as well as temperature sensors compliant with AMS 2750E standards used in the furnacing and heat treating industries, we’re encouraged by the latest economic indicators.

For more information, visit Industrial Heating.

Conax welcomes Kim Denny as a Sales Application Engineer

Plentiful experience makes her an asset

With more than 20 years of experience in the aerospace, medical, electronics and defense industries and a degree in Electrical Engineering, we’re thrilled to have Kim on our team.

Kim’s previous experience includes positions in application engineering, product management and new product development at pressure transducer and product protection companies. With her vast experience, Kim is able to identify solutions for our customers’ unique challenges.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys traveling, historic walks, and cooking.

Welcome to the team, Kim!