Brass Feedthrough for the Automotive Industry

Brass Feedthrough for the Automotive Industry

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At the opposite end of the product spectrum, Conax Technologies also produces affordable, high integrity sealing solutions where high pressure, temperature or vacuum is not required. A good example of this type of solution is the brass feedthrough that was developed for the automotive industry. This feedthrough was designed for use as a wire seal on aftermarket air suspension products for performance automotive use. The unit normally operates at 40 to 60 PSI to a maximum pressure of 100 PSI but is also capable of accepting transient spikes to a maximum of 150PSI.  Ambient temperature operating parameters are from -20°C to 80°C.  The unit will accept up to four 18 AWG wires and has a .25”NPT male process connection. In addition to the automotive industry, other industries such as aerospace, transportation and industrial machinery will find these types of sealing solutions very useful.


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