Conax Instrumentation Wire Compression Seal Feedthrough (TG & MTG)

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Example: TG-20-B2-N

* Pressure/Vacuum Compression Seal
* Stainless Steel Reusable Fitting
* “Soft Sealant”
* Wires Easily Assembled or Replaced In Field
* Temperature Range From -300°F to +1600°F (-185°C to +870°C)
* Pressure*: Vacuum to 10,000 PSI (690 bar)
* Seals 1 to 16 Elements

Application Ideas:
*Pressure or vacuum sealing of various solid bare wire tranducers (i.e., thermocouples, stain gauges, thermistors and RTD leads).
*Sealing of bare solid conductors through a pressure vessel supplying current at low voltage (millivolts) to instrumentation within the vessel.
*Bare wire may be replaced with insulated solid wire with an equivalent O.D. to provide a higher voltage capability. See TG Feedthrough with 24 AWG.
*Seal thermocouple leads on high temperature tubewell type sensors.

Available replacement pieces are:
* Replacement Packing Set (RPS) consisting of sealant and four insulators is available
Example: RPS-TG-20-2-N
* Replacement Sealant (RS) consisting of sealant only is also available
Example: RS-TG-20-2-N