Conax Power Compression Seal Feedthrough (HEGPK)

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Example: HEGPK–125–B-SS

Application Ideas:

Like the EGT Feedthrough, Conax Technologies HEGPK Feedthroughs electrically and/or thermally isolate single electrodes, tubes or temperature sensors for use in vacuum furnaces, liquid level probes, transformers, environmental chambers, power leads and more. These bare electrical feedthroughs also seal against gases and liquids and resist electrode (also known as conductor) movement under pressure. The HEGPK Feedthrough differs from the EGT Feedthrough in that the single piece insulator/sealant is manufactured from PEEK™, which is recognized as one of the highest performing engineered thermoplastic materials currently available.

The HEGPK Feedthroughs provide several distinct advantages over Conax’s EGT Feedthroughs :
* HEGPK Feedthroughs have higher pressure ratings at room temperature (typically in excess of 250%), as compared to Conax’s EGT Feedthrough.
* HEGPK Feedthroughs also have improved sealing performance at elevated temperatures, as compared to EGT Feedthroughs .

* Seals one electrode, conductor or element
* Temperature Range: Vacuum to 7,700 PSIg (531 bar)
* Voltage 8000 VDC
* Amperage to 200 amps
* Supplied with or without conductor