Conax Power Compression Seal Feedthrough (HPEG)

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* Each unit has a stepped electrode. Larger diameter of electrode is on the body side.
* Electrode is copper (CU), stainless steel (SS) and nickel (NI).
* Max amperage rating:

 Feedthrough Diameter (inches)  CU  SS  NI
 093/187  20A  10A  3A
 187/312  60A  25A  9A

* Voltage rating 2000VDC
* Body material is 316SS, ASTM 479
* SST nuts and washers for NI and SS, brass for CU
* All prices include a pressure test at 68°F

 Feedthrough Type  Thread Size  Max Pressure Rating @ 68°F
 HPEG(ASM5/S316)-093/187-A-CU-V  .8126-16UNF-2A  20,000
 HPEG(ASM7/S316)-187/312-A-CU-V  .750-14NPSM  20,000