Visit us Monday, February 5th in Orlando at Booth #11

Conax Technologies will once again be at the 501F & G Users Group Conference on February 5th to talk about our innovative solutions for 501F & G gas turbines, as well as other applications throughout the power industry.

We offer a full range of OEM and after-market temperature sensors, cable and harness assemblies, and compression seal fittings for large frame and aeroderivative ground-based turbines, including 501F & G.

Plus, we’ve engineered custom solutions that provide superior quality and reduce your maintenance time, such as our Exhaust Rake Assembly with a hinged box design and the Retrofit Blade Path Thermocouple Kit.

If you’ll be in Orlando for the conference, be sure to visit us at Booth #11 to find out more. If you can’t attend, send us a contact form or email us at [email protected].