Conax integral pin makes
multi-hole fittings easier to assemble

New feature adds greater convenience

When sealing on multiple elements, most compression seal fittings include a follower with an anti-rotation pin to prevent wires or conductors from twisting and shearing. Previously, Conax multi-hole fittings included followers with keyways into which separate pins (keys) had to be inserted.

Now, our PL, TG, MHC and MHM fittings feature an integral pin that is machined into the follower, so you don’t need to hand insert the pin and risk dropping or losing it during assembly. The result is faster, easier, safer assembly.


Benefits of our follower with integral pin

  • Increased safety, comfort and convenience. We’ve eliminated the loose pins, so there’s no risk of dropping or losing them. Assembly can now be completed while wearing gloves in cold or chemically hazardous environments.
  • Easier ordering. There’s no need to specify special part numbers or welding to attach the pin to the follower—and no added cost.
  • Easier assembly. You never need to worry about not being able to assemble a fitting because of a missing or incorrectly installed pin.
  • No additional cost. The integral pin fittings are priced the same as their legacy fitting counterparts.
  • Same torque and pressure rating. The integral pin fittings meet the same specifications as legacy fittings with separate pins.
  • Backward compatible. Our integral pin followers are compatible with their legacy follower counterparts to maintain reusability of Conax fittings. There’s no need to buy a new fitting when all you need is a new Replacement Packing Set (RPS) that includes a follower with integral pin.

Conax multi-hole fittings

Multi-hole compression seal fittings are used when multiple elements of the same or different diameters—such as metal tubing, ceramic or rigid plastic tube or pipe, a temperature probe, a tubewell, low voltage instrumentation wire, or power supply wires—pass through the fitting.

Conax designs and manufactures multi-hole ceramic, metal, and split compression seal fittings. All can be customized to accommodate special hole patterns, irregular shapes and higher density requirements for thermocouples, RTD or thermistor probes, tube bundles, liquid level sensors or other devices.

Conax Technologies’ unique soft sealant technology seals against gases or liquids and resists element movement under pressure and vaccum. Immersion lengths can be easily adjusted in the field. Individual elements can be set at different lengths to monitor multiple points.


Assembly instructions

Legacy multi-hole fittings with followers that have separate pins will continue to be available as special order items from Conax. Our 6026 Rev F brochure includes updated assembly instructions for both our integral pin multi-hole fittings and our legacy fittings. Click here to download the brochure.

Find out more

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