View our short video to see the benefits of our patented EtchDefender™ Technology

Conax Technologies’ patented EtchDefender™ Technology extends the life of quartz thermocouple sheaths used in some reactors. Available exclusively from Conax, quartz thermocouples coated with EtchDefender™ can last up to 3X longer than uncoated TCs.

Watch our 90-second video for a demo.

Our proven solution provides the following unique advantages over uncoated quartz thermocouples:

  • No particulation– EtchDefender™ coating is well adhered and will not flake from the quartz substrate, which can cause particle contamination to the wafer.
  • Durability– The coating does not decompose, out-gas, or sublimate under vacuum at high temperature.
  • Slower devitrification– The coating greatly slows the typical devitrification process
    by retarding the loss of oxygen from the SiO2 quartz sheath at temperatures more than 900 °C.
  • Slower erosion – The coating greatly retards the erosion process caused by hot corrosive gases flowing at high concentrations and velocities. This is most relevant in extending the life of the Center Thermocouple.
  • Significantly longer life– The coating will allow quartz sheaths to last up to three times longer.

Increased yield. Decreased cost of ownership

Using TCs coated with EtchDefender™ allows a tool to run continuously and reduces maintenance cycles, resulting in:

  • Increased process uptime
  • Reduced process variation – more wafers can be produced per tool with higher consistency
  • Reduced labor and increased safety
  • Decreased risk of technicians igniting pyrophoric deposits, because of reduced maintenance requirements
  • Decreased exposure of the chamber to oxygen, resulting in less time needed to purge the oxygen from all surfaces

Download our EtchDefender™ white paper. And learn more about our many innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry, including Conax LeakDefender™ Brand Thermocouples that enable real-time gas monitoring to minimize wafer loss and maximize thermocouple life.