Upgrade in exhaust gas thermocouple sensors to be demonstrated at Texas trade show

Reduce maintenance time with improved replacement sensors

Our team will be in San Antonio, Texas on June 20th for the Frame 6 Users Group trade show to present a unique upgrade kit for Frame 6 turbines.

For older GE Frame turbines, we’ve improved replacement exhaust gas thermocouple sensors that fit older radiation shields. With this new kit, there’s no need for the entire thermocouple to be replaced. The upgrade kit provides a longer lasting sensor that also features lower maintenance time at change out and offers easier maintenance over the OEM products.

Cable assemblies that are purchased with this sensor may be custom manufactured to a desired length. Cables remain fixed in the turbine hot box and only the sensor needs to be removed. Cable assemblies are made from 18 AWG stranded conductors with PFA insulation and are jacketed with stainless steel over braid.

If you’re in San Antonio, stop by Booth #20 to check out a demonstration.

To learn more about this trade show, visit frame-6-users-group.org.

Conax is heading to Germany for Sensor + Test 2017

Photo Credit: Sensor + Test 2017 Press Center

Worldwide meeting for sensors, measuring and testing technology experts

We’re heading to Germany May 30th through June 1st to exhibit at Sensor + Test 2017, where experts in sensors, measuring and testing from around the world will come together to showcase the latest innovations in the field.

For over 60 years, Conax has designed and manufactured temperature sensors and compression seal fittings for a broad range of applications across many industries, including:

  • Compression seal fittings and feedthroughs for use in Class 1, Division 1 & 2 hazardous locations
  • Thermocouples and RTD sensor probe assemblies
  • High-temperature noble-metal thermocouples
  • Engineering and design support for challenging applications

Industry leaders trust Conax to provide long-lasting reliable solutions that help lower costs and reduce installation and maintenance time. Our comprehensive solutions have been applied to many industries including Power Generation, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Glass Production and others.

Conax is AS9100 certified meaning all products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

Last year’s trade show saw 586 exhibitors from 32 nations. We’re thrilled to join this year’s exhibit. Join Conax in Hall 1, Stand 1-635.


A Solution to Reduce Premature Failure in Standard Exhaust Gas Sensors

One small spring for a sensor.

One giant leap for sensor longevity.

Standard exhaust gas sensors in 7F and 9F class turbines are at risk of premature failure due to vibrations caused by gas flows, input vibrations and thermal expansion mismatch.

Conax has developed the solution

Conax Technologies’ patented Spring-Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors have a high temperature compression spring that is inserted between two spacer tubes to dampen vibrations and keep the temperature sensor tip seated within the radiation shield.

Available exclusively from Conax

Conax’s Spring-Loaded Exhaust Gas Sensors are interchangeable with OEM parts and tested to OEM specifications.

When used in 7F and 9F class turbines, these sensors have proven to significantly increase sensor life and provide thousands of hours of field operation without failures. In addition, these exclusive Conax sensors:

  • Are interchangeable with OEM parts
  • Have been tested to OEM specifications
  • Significantly increase sensor life

View our demonstration video below to find out more. If you have questions, email Rick.Lyon@ConaxTechnologies.com.

Conax Technologies announces the acquisition of Arizona-based Quartz Engineering

Conax Technologies is pleased to announce the acquisition of Quartz Engineering, a manufacturer of quartz sheaths for temperature sensors headquartered in Tempe, AZ. S. K. Choi, former President of Quartz Engineering, will stay on and help with the integration of Quartz Engineering and Conax. Choi has 40 years of experience in the semiconductor segment of the quartz industry and 20 years of experience in the fabrication of the specific type of sheaths primarily used by Conax.

This acquisition represents a commitment to improving the company’s responsiveness and the quality of products the company can provide to customers in the semiconductor industry. Conax Business Unit Manager Michael Ferraro stated, “We’re expanding our focus in the growing Semiconductor industry. Many of the temperature sensors used inside process chambers need a semiconductor-grade quartz sheath to protect them from the chemicals and temperatures present. With the acquisition of Quartz Engineering, we now have in-house capabilities to design and manufacture quartz sheaths for temperature sensors.”

Ferraro explained, “By producing the sheaths in-house, we maintain greater control over quality and supply; and we can provide our customers with the solutions they need faster.”

Manufacturing operations will remain at the Tempe, AZ facility. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Conax Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of standard and custom engineered temperature sensors, compression seal fittings and feedthroughs, probes, sensors, wires, electrodes and fiber optic cables. The company has locations on the US west coast, as well as in Canada, Europe and Asia.

Conax to attend the ISA Analysis Division Symposium

From April 23 through April 27, team members from Conax will visit the City of Roses in Pasadena, California to attend the 2017 ISA Analysis Division Symposium.

We’re joining Analyzer experts from around the world for presentations and conversations about the latest innovative techniques, developments and applications in the analytical sciences. We’ll discuss the latest trends and participate in trainings to inspire new ideas and innovation for our customers.

Visit us at booth #220 to see our latest line of Sample Probe Assemblies and Retractable Sensor Assemblies.

To learn more about this event, visit https://www.isa.org/ad2017.

We hope to see you there!

Conax Technologies is Hiring

Guided by our core values of Teamwork, Innovative Thinking, Integrity, Commitment, and Customer Service we continue to provide solutions to our customers throughout the world.  With our success and continued growth, we are actively looking to fill several positions:

  • Customer Service Professional
  • Marketing Analyst/Assistant
  • Engineering Manager
  • Product Design Engineer

Conax currently uses a gathering tool called Top Grading which allows candidates to provide information about their qualifications and past employment experiences. Join the Conax team, we look forward to meeting you! Visit our website to apply.


A Solution for Shell Chemical: Conax’s Retractable Sensor Assembly

To conform to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulation Subpart Ja for Flare Stack Sulfur Emissions, Shell Chemical in Mobile, Alabama installed a new port into a 24” pipeline. They needed to complete the job without interrupting production.

Solution: Conax’s Retractable Sensor Assembly (RSA)

Conax’s RSA with a Retractable Thermowell was installed into the pipe. The unit was designed for a flare gas flow stream at 375 ft/sec (256 miles/hr) at 50 PSIG at 850 degrees F. Shell was able to meet the EPA’s guidelines without interrupting production.

Do you have a challenge? Conax can customize a solution.

Coated TCs can lower the cost of ASM® EPSILON® reactor ownership

Recently, we announced the launch of our new EtchDefender™ coating, which is now available on all Conax quartz thermocouple sheaths for ASM® EPSILON®
reactors. Exclusively from Conax, this patent-pending technology extends the life of quartz thermocouple sheaths in ASM® EPSILON®
reactors up to 3X longer.

What does that mean for ASM® EPSILON®
reactor owners in terms of dollars and

Even though TCs coated with EtchDefender™ cost more per thermocouple, ASM® EPSILON®
reactor owners can reduce their overall spend with:

  • Lower cost of TCs—Using fewer thermocouples at a higher price point, you could lower your annual TC spend by as much as 30%.
  • Less reactor downtime—By eliminating 1 to 2 maintenance cycles, you could save $500 to $10,000 per cycle.
  • Higher wafer productivity—Wafer throughput increases by 2% to 5% for a total of $25,000+ per reactor, per year.
  • Higher wafer quality—Reduced likelihood of wafer contamination due to opening chamber for thermocouple changes is invaluable! Plus, there’s no change to the susceptor ring or recipe.

View our EtchDefender™ video below or click here to download a white paper. If you have questions, email Mike Ferraro.

ASM® and EPSILON® are registered trademarks of ASM® International. Neither Conax Technologies nor its products are affiliated with, approved by or sponsored by ASM® International.

February’s Industrial Economic Indicators Highest in Decade

The Economic Indicators have been on the rise for the last several months, and February is no exception. The highest since February 2006, this month’s numbers show promise for the industry. A number over 50 indicates increased activity or growth. Conversely, a number below 50 means less activity or growth. All numbers were over 50, and the change in number of request for quotes from December to January surpassed 60. February’s index numbers are below.

  • Change in number of request for quotes from Dec. to Jan. – 60.6
  • Change in number of orders from Dec. to Jan. – 59.5
  • Change in backlog from Dec. to Jan. – 54.8
  • Expected change in the health of the industry through Feb. – 59.7

For more information, check out Industrial Heating.

Conax to attend SEMICON China

Team members from Conax Technologies will head to Shanghai to participate in the world’s largest gathering of semiconductor experts. From March 14th through March 16th, SEMICON China brings together semiconductor professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest technology and industry trends.

In addition to over 800 exhibitors, this 3-day event will feature a variety of expert speakers from all over the world.

To learn more about SEMICON China, visit http://www.semiconchina.org.

If you’re attending, visit us at Booth 2150 in Hall W2 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.