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Conax is a leader in the design and manufacture of compression seal fittingstemperature sensors and cable and harness assemblies for a variety of industries and applications, including the production of solar cells for the photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Our expertise has helped us develop high-quality standard products and customized solutions for a variety of PV applications, including:

Profile and Spike Thermocouples for all the leading furnaces


Conax offers standard or custom designed Profile and Spike Thermocouples for vertical and horizontal furnaces. Our high-precision temperature sensors are engineered to address the critical process of temperature measurement and control required for the photovoltaic, semiconductor, and LED industries.

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Download the Discussion of Unit Calibration White Paper.

Conax Combo Fittings eliminate the risk of catastrophic leaks


In-process leaks under vacuum or under pressure can be costly in terms of lost time, materials and finished product. Under certain circumstances, they can also be extremely dangerous.

When customers asked us for a solution that would eliminate the risk of in-process leaks caused by sheath failures, Conax Technologies designed a Combo Fitting that has a seal for the thermocouple sheath and a secondary seal for the wires. The dual seals ensure that, if the sheath breaks or wears out, there will still be no leak into or out of the process.

For example, a solar manufacturer with a 20-day poly-crystalline ingot growth cycle experienced a leak into the chamber during a cycle, ruining the ingot and costing the customer time and money. Our Combo Fittings eliminate the risk for potential loss in the future.

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We know that innovative ideas are the result of collaboration. So we take the time to understand your unique challenges and develop solutions that help you—and your customers—succeed.

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Customer satisfaction and loyalty fuels everything we do. Conax is proud to maintain a Net Promoter Score that is consistently in the 99th percentile.

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